ESP Platinum Series is the most advanced residential ducted air conditioning system ever built in Australia.

With ESP Platinum Ultima you have the most comfortable air conditioning with lowest running costs in its class

  • Ideal for those who demand the best, want the ultimate in comfort with very low running costs
  • ESP Platinum Ultima can be confgured to suit most lifestyles with up to eight individual temperature zones
  • Save up to 75% on running costs versus other technology
  • Reverse cycle ducted system with Tru-Inverter™ technology for year round comfort
  • Energy Smart Zoning feature
  • Ideal for both residential and commercial applications.


There are many types of heating systems available and choosing the right system depends on factors such as the size of the area to be heated and your household budget. As a household’s energy consumption for a decade or more can be locked in by the purchase of an appliance it is important to select the right size and heating type for your needs and room sizes.

Establish which areas of your home need to be heated, how large the ar- eas are and how long you need to heat the areas for.

Don’t expect a small heater to heat a large area. It is unlikely to reach a comfortable temperature, making running costs unnecessarily high without providing adequate heat. Similarly, try not to use a large heater when only a small area needs heating. If only one small area of a centrally heated home is to be used, it may be cheaper to use a portable heater for a short time, or even invest in a small space heater, than to unnecessarily heat the whole house. Smarter choice – save energy, water and money.

Compare star ratings

  • Use the energy rating labels to fnd the most effcient heating system for your needs. The more stars the more you save.
  • To compare the annual energy consumption use the number in the en- ergy consumption box.
  • The lower the consumption number the more you save.

Buy to save in the long run

  • Select the right size and heating type for your needs and room sizes:
  • space or room heaters for living areas
  • ducted heating to warm more rooms at the same time.
  • If purchasing a ducted system consider a zoning option so you can limit the area being heated.
  • Buy a unit with a thermostat and timer.
  • Ensure that any ducts are well insulated.
  • When buying a gas space heater or a gas ducted heating system, make sure it’s at least 4 stars.


What you need to know

  • Refrigerative air conditioners come in both cooling-only and reverse-cycle models which provide both heating and cooling.
  • Seek professional advice to make sure you get an air conditioner with the right cooling capacity output for the area you’ll be cooling.
  • Use the star ratings at the top of the energy label to compare the effciency of different models. The cooling star rating is shown in the blue band. The more stars the more you’ll save on your cooling costs.
  • Look for inverter models as they’re quieter to run and give additional energy savings.
  • For air conditioners with the same star rating and capacity output, use the number in the blue “Power Input” box in the middle of the label to compare power consumption – the lower the number the better.

How to use your air conditioner

  • Set the thermostat between 24-26ºC for cooling. Every degree lower in summer will increase running costs by around 10%.
  • Keep the sun’s heat out by closing curtains and external blinds during the day.
  • Close windows and doors to areas being cooled when the refrigerative air conditioner is running. When the air conditioner is switched off and it’s cooler outside, open doors and windows to let the cool air in.
  • Insulate your home to keep the heat out in summer and in during winter.
  • Dress to suit the weather conditions.
  • Ensure your air conditioner is regularly serviced and maintained


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