Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating is the most comfortable, cost efficient heating choice used in homes and buildings today. It’s versatile, comfortable, and economical. Hydronic heating systems use water as a heat transfer medium and circulates it through tubing in the floors or pipes to radiators and convectors along the walls, to warm the surfaces within the home.

When compared to air, there are many advantages to heating your home using water to experience the ultimate in comfort.

  • Surfaces within the space are heated rather than the air itself.
  • People feel more comfortable as heat is evenly distributed within each space avoiding hot or cold zones.
  • There is less circulation of dust and particles that can cause allergies.
  • With no need for duct work, fan noises and stop/start sounds are reduced to promote clean & quiet living.
  • It is easy to create zones within your home or building to control the temperature differently according to how you use the space.
  • You can control the temperature of your floors to set your optimal level of comfort with radiant floor heating.
  • Controls / Thermostats are available, which are designed to keep the temperature at your preferred setting no matter what the outdoor conditions are like. By intelligently adjusting the heating system operation to compensate for indoor and outdoor temperature changes, temperature fluctuations are eliminated. These types of controls enhance the systems ENERGY EFFICIENT status.


There are no fans blowing around air with Hydronic Heating.  This means that this is the best form of heating for allergy sufferers and people who suffer asthma.  Hydronic heating heats the surfaces in the room in a passive way, so 24 hours a day you will be able to remain warm and cosy.


The water flowing through the heating system is between 50C to 80C, which means that they can be safely touched, and in areas frequented by children or elderly persons this temperature can be lowered further.  There are no electrical connections or exposed flames, so leaving a child in front of a heater is as safe as it could be.

How does hydronic heating work?

A Hydronic heating system consists of five components:

  1. The boiler heats water to a thermostatically controlled temperature. Boilers can use natural gas, LPG, Off Peak Electricity or can be wood fired.
  2. The piping, usually made of copper/plastic or multilayer and carries the heated water from the boiler to radiators/convectors, and back again for reheating.
  3. A pump circulates the water through the piping.
  4. Radiators or convectors transfer the heat into the room. (Several types are available).
  5. A programmable wall thermostat ideally controls the heat levels (or room temperature) to optimise comfort throughout the house.

Is Hydronic heating safe?

Hydronic Heating is safe for elderly people (as it's radiant heat, it heats people and objects and is perfect heating for those who are not particularly mobile), children and pets (no circulation of dust and allergens). There is no danger of burns or scalding as the system is fully enclosed with radiator temperatures well below boiling point. The surface temperature of a radiator can be quite hot to touch however, some care should be taken with any individual who may not be able to adequately feel surface temperature and react when coming into contact with the radiator. The surface temperature of natural convectors is pleasantly warm to touch not ever achieving the much higher surface temperature of a radiator and is, therefore, a safe alternative if required.


Koratherm Vertical & Horizontal Radiators

KORATHERM Flat panel radiators are a new product line which considerably extends the portfolio of decorative and designer radiators produced by Korado.  The wide range of products in the KORATHERM range is based on five basic models.  Line shaped, horizontal and vertical heat profiles can be arranged into many types.  The varied colour range together with a variable solution of connection to these radiators into the heating system will certainly satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding situations.


Korado Koralux Towel Warmers

KORALUX Comfort, Classic & Standard range of Premium Towel Rail Radiators are designed to provide maximum heat output which is guaranteed by their unique design. The premium models offered in this range meet requirements of even the most demanding situations.Products are offered in two versions, with straight or curved tubes (rails) both with side or middle connection.

The KORALUX range also offers the convenience of being fitted with an electric heating element.

The towel rail radiators KORALUX are designed for heating bathrooms, toilets, kitchens and other utility spaces. Thanks to their design they can be used in heating systems which are gravity, or pressure - fed. Towel rail radiators KORALUX are manufactured from closed steel profiles of various diameters and shapes.


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